TedxAmsterdamED Award 2017: submitted!

Today BlockChange.EU was submitted to TedxAmsterdamED because it fits the following descreption:

“Do you have a great idea for the innovation of learning? Do you find our system of education outdated? Are you active in an industry that might not typically be associated with education? Do you have a project or idea worth spreading, a little-known marvel with potential to make a big impact in the field of education?”

Yes we have, yes we do, partly and  yes we have. Application filled out and submitted!

Planning a Kick-off

Together with Paul Bessems I’m planning a kick off for BlockChange. At this moment a divers group of people has promised to join. Among them technical partners (NXT Foundation, Volution), teachers (geography, sports, classical languages) and educational organisations (Kennisnet, SLO, Onderwijscoöperatie). A hopefull start. We’re picking a date in april, more info about our kick off will be shared after the meeting.