Who contributes?

BlockChange is a cooperation. The following people and organisations are involved.

W.G. (Wim) Pelgrim MA – founder

Wim Pelgrim is a teacher of Dutch Language and Literature at the Dr.-Knippenbergcollege in Helmond (The Netherlands). He started BlockChange because he believes education can do better at motivating and developingĀ students and society can do better when it becomes a true meritocracy.

P. (Peter) Bijker – cocreator

Peter Bijker is director at Databyte, the creators of the Volution digital portfolio. With the portfolio and other digital learning tools, we can move towards personalised education, connected to the direct environment of the student.


VolutionVolution – cocreating

Volution creates several digital learning tools for schools, among which an online portfolio for students. Volution helps BlockChange to create a blockchain, linked to their portfolio to run tests in real school classes.


logoThe Ledger – cocreating

The Ledger supports us by contributing expertise on blockchain applications in education.


SIDN fonds – funding

The SIDN fund contributes with a pioneer funding under the header “Blockchain for good”.


Dr.-Knippenbergcollege – support

The Dr.-Knippenbergcollege in Helmond supports our idea by being a testing ground giving space and time to teachers that want to participate.