Phase 1

OMO Scholengroep HelmondEducation is undergoing major changes and is facing some major challenges, among others the way we give feedback to students. With blockchain technology we can store the ‘real’ values in education: human development, hidden in reports and tests. With this project we can help students get a grip on their educational data needed for the representation of their development, the quality culture within our schools using a common truth and help develop the Praktijkscholen in the region of North-Brabant.

For our first project, we are working with five partners on a blockchain pilot project:

The project has multiple phases. The first phase is school year 2018-2019. For the students in the Prakijkschool Helmond the information in the apps of Yubu and Volution are their starting point on the job market. Senzer helps them to get a job and needs that information. To link the information from the databases of Yubu, Volution and Senzer and to make sure the students and teacher can access that information, BlockChange will build an open source, private permissioned blockchain application.

The deeper goal is to start building a profile in which students can collect all their raw educational data. And to make sure they can use no matter what system or app they might need. This way they can take their development with them for the rest of their lives.